How to Launch Your Private Label Shampoo


Private Label ShampooIn recent years, private label shampoo has become a leading way to launch new hair care products. This is because it is affordable and allows companies to maintain complete control over the process. The private label route is also a way product can receive full-service branding with a direct line to marketing, sales, and distribution.

Top 5 Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers’ Trends


Private Label Skin Care Trends by BRproPrivate label skin care is taking the beauty market by storm in 2018, accounting for a huge portion of the $11 billion U.S. skin care market. (Source)

One way private label skin care companies continue to innovate is by keeping tabs on what’s new in the industry. At B&R Products, we keep you informed on the hottest trends so you can use that insight to create the most in-demand products around.