How to Launch Your Private Label Shampoo

Private Label ShampooIn recent years, private label shampoo has become a leading way to launch new hair care products. This is because it is affordable and allows companies to maintain complete control over the process. The private label route is also a way product can receive full-service branding with a direct line to marketing, sales, and distribution.

If you’re looking to launch a private label shampoo, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Partner with a private label manufacturer.

To get your private label shampoo off to a great start, you must first partner with a private label manufacturer such as B&R Products. Since 1977, we have serviced companies of all sizes, including startups and fortune 500 companies, to help them launch their hair care lines, including private label shampoo. By working with a private label manufacturer such as us, you will receive full-service solutions dedicated to your private label shampoo’s success.

Step 2: Develop your private label shampoo.

Once you’ve established a relationship with a private label manufacturer, it’s time to develop your private label shampoo. The most popular hair care products this year are a private label argan oil shampoo and private label hair oil. In the product development stage, you will review formulations to find the option that best suits your private label shampoo needs. In this phase, B&R Products runs stability tests, along with other controls to ensure the efficiency of your approved formulation. We also then incorporate your choice of high-performance ingredients from around the world, as well as therapeutic essential oils and fragrances, to give the private label shampoo its own unique touch.

Step 3: Establish your shampoo brand and packaging.  

Now that your formulation is developed for your private label shampoo, it’s time to establish your unique branding and packaging. This is a great opportunity to decide how you’d like to incorporate top private label cosmetic trends, including sustainability, by including the natural features on your label. B&R Products brings innovation to the brand and packaging development stage by providing consumer-driven designs and the newest packaging developments. We also provide a concept to shelf service by utilizing our in-house marketing team to create your unique brand identity.

Step 4: Manufacture and distribute your private label shampoo.

Now that your product and brand development is complete, the next phase is manufacturing and distribution. At this time, the objective is to manufacture the product and get it into the hands of your customers. The nice thing about B&R Products is we offer low minimums with complete logistics and fulfillment support. We will be your partner from the product development phase to shipping your private label shampoo, so the whole process is as simple and seamless as possible.

Key Takeaway

After partnering with a private label manufacturer such as B&R Products, your private label shampoo or private label hair oil will go through product development, brand development, manufacturing, and distribution. By finding the right manufacturer and following these steps, your private label shampoo will soon be ready to hit the market.

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