Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing

private label cosmetics

Cosmetics private label product development, manufacturing, and shipping and programs:


  • À la carte contract manufacturing services based on your specific needs and formulation
  • An expert full-service R&D team at your service.
  • Unique brand & packaging development.
  • Complete product development and reverse engineering as dependents of the Full-service R&D team at your service.
  • Low minimums underneath full logistics and manufacturing processes


The recent growth within the private label industry is a proven medium for promoting your business as it leads to extra revenue, magnifies a business reputation, and increases client loyalty. In addition, today’s private label cosmetics industry is a medium that offers consumers value, quality, and choices that some brand names cannot. As the premier private label manufacturer in the South Florida region, B&R Products has fostered the private label programs of clients ranging from fortune 500s to startup companies. 


B&R Products will be your partner in creating your private label skincare line from product development to packaging and shipping. With our help, you can expect attractive breakthrough formulas with high-quality raw materials, custom fragrances or therapeutic essential oils, elegant textures, and consumer-driven benefits.


Our experienced staff will help you:


  • Identify category-changing ingredients and concept trends.
  • Understand the evolution of top brands so your project will never be obsolete.
  • Help bring innovation to the marketplace with stimulating designs, high-performance ingredients, and packaging technologies’ latest advances.
  • Unique brand and packaging development.
  • Complete logistics and fulfillment support.
  • Our products library offers more than 2,000 stock formulations.
  • Low minimums quickly adapted to grow with your bran.


Anti-aging. Personal Care Specialty


Polishes, Cleansers, Toners

Personal Care Specialty

Personal Care

Lotions, Creams, Ointments

Homeopatic - Personal Care Specialty


First Aid Creams, Gels

Hair Wellness. Personal Care Specialty:

Hair Wellness

Shampoos, Condiotioners…

We Make Your Private Label Cosmetics Brand a Reality

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