How to Launch Your Private Label Shampoo


Private Label ShampooIn recent years, private label shampoo has become a leading way to launch new hair care products. This is because it is affordable and allows companies to maintain complete control over the process. The private label route is also a way product can receive full-service branding with a direct line to marketing, sales, and distribution.

The benefits of hiring Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing Company


cosmetics contract manufacturing companyOver 40 years ago, B&R Products launched our cosmetics contract manufacturing company to make it easier for other companies to outsource production for their health and beauty products.

Since that time, we have developed a sharp understanding of progressive technology, high production capabilities, a broad library of formulations, and kept up with global trends and innovation. By serving as a dedicated cosmetics contract manufacturing company for brands of all sizes, we have helped launch thousands of products into the cosmetic marketplace.

What Makes a Top Private Label Beauty Product Manufacturer?


private label beauty product

If you’re looking to break into the more than $445 billion global beauty market, joining forces with a private label beauty product manufacturer is the best way to go. Not only can it help your product hit the market faster than its branded counterparts, but it can also help you keep your costs down with a low minimum order requirement and rapid innovation cadence than established big brands.

Top 5 Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers’ Trends


Private Label Skin Care Trends by BRproPrivate label skin care is taking the beauty market by storm in 2018, accounting for a huge portion of the $11 billion U.S. skin care market. (Source)

One way private label skin care companies continue to innovate is by keeping tabs on what’s new in the industry. At B&R Products, we keep you informed on the hottest trends so you can use that insight to create the most in-demand products around.